Coming in Q2 2020 - The Martlesham Heath Story

Martlesham Heath was ‘100 years old’ in 2017 – strictly speaking that means 100 years of people living and working here en-masse.

MH100 marked the 100 year anniversary in 2017, with a celebration weekend of events, facts and fun and with a commemorative stone.

The MH100 organisation and its website are no longer – having done their job. However MH100 collected a number of personal stories, photos, audio and video recordings as part of the anniversary celebrations. Together with some new material, they’ll be the starting point for this new – hopefully permanent – website about Martlesham Heath, its people, history and heritage. You’ll also be able to contribute more stories and material!

If you’re looking for detailed information about the RAF years then check-out the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society website (and of course their control tower museum during the summer months).